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police cause dog to ‘cook’ in hot car

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news story on the dog, - the examiner -



by Miriam McCormick Hayes on Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 11:03pm

On Tuesday, May 31st, at 5:00am, Stu Grimes was at the IHOP at Cedar Lakes Drive, in Loudoun County. He probably should not have been there, but he had been at a party, had a few drinks and wanted to get some coffee and breakfast before heading home. He left Rex his beloved family pet and companion of four years in the car. He was parked right in front of the IHOP where he could see him. Stu fell asleep at the table and the manager of IHOP approached him and called the police. When the police came they arrested Stu for of course, drunk in public. (How many have been there?), what happened next was a nightmare. Casey l. Johnson, officer for the Loudoun County Police Department arrested Stu for drunk in public. Stu begged them to take the dog over and over and the cop refused. He told Stu not to worry about the dog. They held Stu for 12 hours, this whole time he was begging the guards and the police to call AC, or someone to get the dog. It was the hottest day of the year as temperatures rose to over 100 and essentially cooked him alive while holding me prisoner till 8:15pm. He was crying and screaming at the guards and the officers to please go help REX, they were laughing at him telling him that if he had behaved better, they would of helped the dog.

When Stu got out, he found Rex, cooked in the car. NOT ONE PERSON TRIED TO SAVE HIM. Not one officer, a guard, an employee of IHOP, not a passerby, no one. He rushed Rex to a local Vet, who happens to also be my Vet, but it was too late, Rex had died hours earlier, cooking in the hot car. The police and guards knew that Rex was in that hot car and DID NOTHING!

I heard about this today while standing in line at a grocery store in a town about 30 minutes away. I could not believe what I was hearing. I called Animal Control on the way home and they said they never heard anything about this and that if it was true, someone was in big trouble. We both agreed that there was just no way this could of taken place. I told them that I had not spoken with the owner, but was going to try and contact him. When I got home, I got on FB and located Stu and yes, the story was true. I spoke with Stu tonight and he had Rex since he was 8 weeks old. He was sobbing, blaming himself, saying he should not have been there and that he and Rex went everywhere together. He said he was crying and begging the officers around 10:00 am, that his dog would die if someone did not call AC or send someone to get the dog. The officer thought it was funny and told Stu if he had not been drunk and had not caused any problems, they would of helped the dog. He begged one woman guard to get his phone and look at the picture on it, it was Rex and could she please call someone to help the dog. She agreed to help, but another officer stepped in and told her NO.


loudoun Gov site - [link]

peta - [link]

va governor - [link]

Stus facebook - [link]

I love pets, I adore them and it enrages me to see that the Police - those who are supposed to protect our public - human or not - pulled this kind of SHIT. You laughed when it was a hot fucking day and let the animal -die-. This. This is just.. sickening.

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